Monday, July 28, 2014

Reclaimed Herringbone Art and A Tale of Staging Pictures

I have a secret.  

Okay, I know, it probably really isn't a secret, but did you know bloggers stage photos?  Yep, there it is, the ugly truth, we are photo stagers.  Which means when we show you our lovely mantels, dressed for the latest season with the perfect touches, we may be taking those pictures while standing on a pile of mangled blankets and enough scattered legos to make a firewalk look like a cakewalk.

I love creating projects, home decor.  I love taking photos and editing them.  I do NOT love staging them.  Because I sell most of what I show you, when I show you something hanging on my walls with other fun things all in a grouping, it is most likely not staying there. Let's not even get into a discussion on holes in my walls.  Suffice it to say hubby has given up and just rolls his eyes when he sees me pounding yet another nail in the wall.

So, it was Saturday morning, 6:50 AM.  I had been up for an hour, was showered, was coffeed up, ready to head out the door at 7 for Farmer's Market set-up,

Then, suddenly I remembered I hadn't photographed my latest scrap wood art.  If I create it, I want to photograph it to share with you.  Some blogging days are DRY and I need content--don't want to waste a content opportunity.

I raced to my car in my bare feet, camera in hand--mind you my car is packed tighter than a 40 year old mother of 3 trying to fit in her high school jeans, and yanked that darn art piece out.  I traipsed across the wet yard (it was 46 degrees out), plunked that piece down in my weeds, um, er flowerbed, ignored the young twenty year old guys across the street (just arriving home I believe) who think their neighbor is crazy, and clicked away.
reclaimed wood art
The good things about this impromptu photo shoot--the light is amazing at 6:50 AM and my weeds are tall enough to hold heavy pieces of reclaimed wood art.  
reclaimed wood art
The bad part, my weeds are tall enough to hold art, there was only a small part of the yard in sunlight and I didn't have the time to worry about it.  
reclaimed wood art
I did at one point drag a piece of picket fence across the yard and tried to use it as a backdrop. The bad news, it wouldn't stay propped up.  The good news, that means my weeds aren't quite as massive as I thought.  Here is a photo just as it is falling over.
reclaimed wood art
I didn't take process pictures, it was one of those pieces I was so excited to make that I didn't pause once I started creating.  I began with a 24" square piece of plywood and two 24" narrow wood strips.  
reclaimed wood art
I cut pieces at a 45 degree angle, and pieced it and marked where I needed to cut as I went.  
I glued the wood scraps in place and then secured them with the nail gun. A "frame" was added.  Some pieces I painted, most were scraps already painted fron other projects.
reclaimed wood art
I must say, even in the middle of my weeds I think this piece is fun--colorful and whimsical and a great way to use up those scraps.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

How to Create an Authentic, Chippy Paint Finish

Becky, another paint tutorial?  Why another one, haven't you perfected (ha-ha!) your paint technique by now? 

I like to play and paint (and wood) is the medium I most like to play with.  I told you I went shopping the other day for new paint colors, muted, Oregon Coast inspired colors.  I decided to try them out on this bench:
chippy paint finish on reclaimed wood bench

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Under $100 Link Party

Oh happy day one and all!  Some big changes will be coming to my weekly linky party.  I will share them NEXT week, but it will be bigger, better, more exposure for you!!  Here are some great links from last week's party:
AMAZING wall art from My Altered State
crown moulding wood art
Lovely Weeds' red wagon table

Monday, July 21, 2014

Picking Paint Colors

Today I get to be a kid in a candy store, aka, I am going to pick new paint colors.  

I love color, love paint, love looking at hundreds (maybe even thousands) of paint chips.

I often get asked, "What color did you use?"  I find that question strange.  To me paint is personal.  Not a secret, but a personal, I took time to think about it and reflect choice.  I will hold,examine and compare two swatches until I "feel" it.

What speaks to me may not speak to you. How I see the color, you may not.  Hubby is very color blind--I know he doesn't see color like I do.
I love bright colors...obviously.  as a kid I had a rainbow room--rainbow painted on the wall, rainbow bedding, bright yellow furniture.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Christmas in July

Christmas in July?  Have you heard of it?  

The first time I ever heard that such an event existed was almost 30 years ago wen I was working in Glacier Park.  The employees celebrated with a Christmas tree in the lodge (probably illegally cut down in the Park), gift exchanges, and a party--we pretty much found any reason to get together and celebrate.
This is Lake McDonald Lodge
Christmas Ideas

A little history for you: Christmas in July's beginnings are not clear, but most likely started in Europe as a way to "beat the heat" in the summer.  

Another possibility says it was started by a group of Irish tourists in 1980.  Story is, they were so overjoyed at seeing snow while on vacation that they decided to celebrate by holding a "Yulefest".

At any rate, we picked up on it here and the US and the tradition seems alive and well in blogland.  If you are a planner and love to get ahead, NOW is the time to get a jump start on the holidays.  
Christmas Ideas

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Under $100 Link Party

Ah, I just got off the river from a lovely day of floating!  I mean, a perfect, relaxing day.  Ain't summer grand?!  And now, we can enjoy these most wonderful links from last week and share your own!!
The best mud pie station ever from Bliss Ranch!!
Christmas in July with the cutest spring tree from Organized Clutter
Industrial Spring Christmas Tree Tutorial

Monday, July 14, 2014

How To Letter A Sign WithOUT a "Machine"

What's your sign?  Here's your sign?  Do you know the signs?  Follow the sign.

Signs are definitely (and have been) all the rage in home decor.  With a sign you can express yourself, your values, your humor.  Words inspire us and we love to see those and share them with others.  
How to letter a sign